October 13, 2008

On the road again...

Am going to Jutland tomorrow morning in a work related matter and the fact that I will have to spend 6 hours alone in the car (3 hours back and forth) isn't exactly the most encouraging thing I can think of. At least I should have plenty of time to listen to some of the CD's I've bought recently and if the weather is fine the view from the bridge is always fantastic.

Is it possible to eat the words you've written? My judgment of the new moi Caprice album was premature to say the least. The album still lacks those catchy tunes of its predecessors, but according to an interview with the band found in the recent edition of Soundvenue all the catchy tunes were deliberately left off the album. Instead the band focused on producing a more "complete" album and now that I've spent substantial time listening to We Had Faces Then, I think they've accomplished just that.

The first review of the debut album by The Holiday Show has surfaced. The album certainly isn't the most groundbreaking you'll ever lay ears on, but the rating (two out of six) is downright ridiculous.

An English and a German version of BandBase has now been launched.

New track by One Weekly Gun.
+ That One

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