October 21, 2008

Press delete...

Spent some time this morning deleting more than 1,200 mails from my inbox. Still another 600 left, and I need to get much better at doing this regularly. I know I am going on and on about this, but sometimes it’s almost unreal how many emails I receive promoting absolutely unlistenable stuff. Where does the money paying for this really come from?

Probably should start deleting some Myspace friends as well. Got far too many and far too few are of any interest (posting far too many not very interesting bulletins).

Buffet Libre is working on the second part of the cover project Rewind. The first one was dedicated entirely to the 80’s, but in the next edition the 70’s and 80’s will be included. First appetizer is this cover of a dance floor classic.
+ DeltawaveLost In Music

One Weekly Gun has for once taken his eyes off the American election campaign, and has instead switched his focus to Leonard Cohen. Or more accurate the song is inspired by an incident that occurred at the Leonard Cohen this Friday.
+ As Times Go By

Swedish electropop duo Pallers has just been signed by Labrador and the label is giving away the excellent title track of the EP Humdrum, which will be released December 3.
+ Humdrum

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