November 13, 2008


Danish singer-songwriter Thomas Baz mailed me yesterday suggesting that I should eat plenty of ginger to help chase my cold away. I’ve actually tried eating ginger a few times before as well as raw garlic to see if they would help speeding up the process. Neither scared anything away, with my wife being the only exception, as she obviously refused to kiss me (or even stay in the same room) following my extreme garlic consumption. So these days I stick to the good ol’ cocktail of whisky, honey and lemon. Not that this brew helps me feeling much better either, but after gulping 2-3 glasses of it, things certainly are a lot more fun. In his mail Thomas Baz had attached a new track called Lyon, which has a great country/western-feel to it. Or as the maestro wrote himself: “Can you hear the saloon-doors swinging?” Indeed I can and what other song would be better accompanying me in my whisky drinking? The track (I believe) is from the forthcoming album The Nurse and The Knife Thrower and features fellow Dane Prins Nitram on guest vocals.
+ Lyon

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