November 12, 2008

Swedish happiness...

So I guess it’s my turn now, to be the victim of the "autumn bug". I have a snotty nose, coughing my lungs out, sneezing all the time and constantly emptying the teapot, thus giving my coffee addiction a much needed rest. Really should have stayed at home, but I have a meeting this afternoon, where my presence is required, so sadly no day off today. The heavy burden of cheering me up today has fallen on Swedish five-piece named Happiness and so far they've done a terrific job. Over and over I've been listening to three excellent tracks taken from the band’s debut release, a split LP with fellow Swedes Tar…Feathers, which was released this summer. I haven’t the faintest idea if the LP is still available, as information seems to vary. So instead I suggest you check out the freebies and then start your own investigating, if you find the music as interesting as I do and want more. This is catchy electronic pop music with lots of those typical Swedish indie pop influences plus some 60's inspiration as well as a frontman sounding like Win Butler. Not the worst combination. Is it?
+ Look At That Rabbit Go!
+ Neighbourhood
+ The CIA (superb)

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