March 3, 2009

Balloon Magic...

Balloon Magic is a quartet of youngsters hailing from Funen and until this morning the band was completely unknown to me. But a friendly soul was so kind to make me aware of the band’s existence, and for that I’m incredibly grateful. It’s always refreshing when Danish bands seek more untraditional sources of inspiration, and the ones listing The Field Mice and Television among the influences are pretty rare. And those bands are indeed listed for a good reason. I Remember It All, the noisiest of the 3 demo tracks available, owes a lot, if not everything, to Marquee Moon, while the instantly likeable Blue Dawn sounds like one of those catchy indie pop tunes that Sarah Records released 15-20 years ago. Obviously these are still demos and, despite my sparse knowledge regarding the production side of things, there’s still plenty of work left both musically and vocally (especially). But at the same time the 3 tracks reveal a band with lots and lots of potential and the capability of writing fascinating songs, and therefore one can only hope (beg if you like) that the band members will give Balloon Magic their full attention (I've seen too many bands splitting up, before reaching one-tenth of their potential), as I’m already looking forward to hearing more from these lads.
+ Blue Dawn
+ Fell
+ I Remember It All

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