March 2, 2009

No hablo español...

Or is the correct expression“no habla español”? J.A. can you please guide me?

Thanks to this post on the Shelflife blog and the irresistible enthusiasm oozing from the aforementioned J.A., I’m currently enjoying four brand new demo tracks by Spanish indie pop/shoegaze band Sundae. The band is not quite new to me, as J.A. recommended the quartet (?) to me exactly a year ago, which back then led to this post. Now the band is back again and sounding like The Radio Dept. singing in Spanish, which has to be one of the highest accolades imaginable. All four tracks are free to download and one can only recommend that you grab all of them before the band is signed and the tracks removed. And if there’s any justice in this world this could happen any day soon.
+ 92

Speaking of The Radio Dept., there’s still no news on the band’s third album. Last update indicated “an early 2009 release”, which unfortunately seems quite unlikely now.
+ Freddie and the trojan horse

Check the line-up for this year’s Indietracks Festival and start drooling!

Coming soon on German label afmusic is a digital release (EP or album?) by Swedish gothic/new wave quartet Diskoteket. Meanwhile enjoy the 2006 self-titled EP, which is free to download in its entirety.
+ Ge Mig Ljuset


Anonymous said...

Yes Morten!
It´s correct!
Your spanish is perfect! ;)
Take care!

stytzer said...

Que pasa! So close to perfect that it's almost unreal :)
I guess this means that you can say both?