March 26, 2009


My first intention was to name this post Live blogging (here we go again), but since some of the stuff I’m going to post was written earlier today, I thought this could be considered foul play. So instead I opted to go with the more neutral, rather anonymous, yet relatively accurate headline Blogging. But that doesn’t change that I’ll be sitting here for the next couple of hours reading, writing, searching, posting, listening and (most likely) deleting. You should be familiar with the disclaimer regarding grammar and spelling by now, and of course a picture will be uploaded in a few minutes!

Still terribly need a shave - don't I?

My Twitter experiment continues and I now have 123 followers. I’m becoming less and less skeptical, as I’m regularly stumbling upon something interesting.

Don’t believe I can think of band with a more devoted fanbase than Depeche Mode. That’s cool, as loyalty is a good thing. But at the same time I cannot think of band with a more biased fanbase than said band, stubbornly refusing to notice any flaws. Wrong, the new single (video), is the most recent example of this narrow-mindedness. Not original in any way, which is admittedly is absolutely irrelevant as long as the melody is just a little bit catchy. But the chorus, which I believe must be when Dave Gahan groans "Wrong" through his nose, resembles something that could have been recorded in a pig farm, and luckily is forgotten as soon as the song is over. Except that groan of course which certainly will cause lots of nightmares! And still I see people referring to this, as a "classic sounding" Depeche Mode track? You must be joking or are you telling me that this is what you’ve been fans of for 20+ years? To make sure that I know what that classic sound is exactly, I did listen to the epic Violator earlier today, and nothing (absolutely nothing) on that album is even close to being this bad. Nitpickers might object and will start uttering that you cannot make this comparison as Violator belongs in a completely different time and era. Fine! Point taken. But then don’t give me that “classic sounding” bullshit. And no matter what you say; Wrong still sucks!

I’ll never be a fan of remixes. Tracks with endless beats and little diversity doing their best to destroy the original melody line have rarely appealed to me. But the Kissy Sell Out remix of Give It Up taken from the forthcoming album Red (out in Denmark June 8) by Datarock is rather catchy and would even make me start glancing at the dancefloor.
+ Give It Up (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

The Blueflowers are giving away a Watercolor Ghost Town album track over a At $11 this fine album has to be the bargain of the year.
+ I Wasn't Her

Chromewaves voices his discontent with the lack of information regarding the Clinging to a Scheme album, which, if everything works out as planned, will be the third full-length release by The Radio Dept. A release sometime this fall (I assume he means THIS fall) is his best guess.
+ The Worst Taste In Music

This episode
of my favorite TV series Waking The Dead has just started. I've seen it once before, but since TV doesn't get much better than this; I'm seriously tempted to watch it for a second time. I recall the episode as no being "very nice", but then again none of the episodes really are. The dark sides of the human race can rarely be considered "very nice".

Last Wednesday I wrote how much I was looking forward to a release from st famous. A few days later it was announced that Keris Howard is no longer part of the project. Learn more.
+ Lazy Opera

Danish alternative/indie rock band Us With Millions has a new track We Are Sinking up and streaming at Myspace. That Band of Horses comparison is more valid than ever!


Mandy said...

As Depeche Mode fan, I see no need to pass comment. To me they are an awesome band and Wrong is an excellent single.

If you can't see it then that's your loss, why should I be upset by that?


stytzer said...

I'm not saying that Depeche Mode isn't a fine band. However Wrong (as well as quite a few other songs released by the band throughout the years) is plain awful. Even MY favorite bands release something equally awful from time to time. But unlike many a DM fan I'm capable of realizing and accepting this - despite said band's awesomeness.