March 23, 2009

Death Valley Sleepers...

The new Death Valley Sleepers track Seaside I posted Saturday evening has turned out to be quite a success, and is currently doing terribly well over at Hypem. So inspired by this sudden (but much deserved) interest in the Danish one-man project, I’ve decided to (sort of) copy myself, and once again upload every Death Valley Sleepers track that I know of. Among the tracks are another two recently recorded tracks; the quite noisy Hit the Twilight Sleep and the more laid back and catchy Let Heaven Know, which Tobias himself describes as a "short summer flirt". So grab them all and make your collection of Death Valley Sleepers tracks complete. SORRY - but (almost) all download links have been disabled.
+ Black Pearl
+ Girl Got Lost
+ The Golden Mud
+ Heartbreaking Sound of Joy
+ Hit the Twilight Sleep
+ Hey Messy Queen
+ In The Valley
+ Into My Mind
+ Left Me High
+ Let Heaven Know
+ My Blue Underground
+ Seaside
+ She's in Control
+ Small Town Bells
+ Sweet End
+ Touch Stars
+ Turn Out The Light
+ Vice & Beauty
+ White Noise
+ Your Face In The Skies


alt-gramma said...

Holy cow, I had no idea these people existed. Amazing!

stytzer said...

Cool you like them :)

Terri said...

Thank you thank you thank you!! I wanted these :-)