March 18, 2009

Live blogging...

Don’t think I’ve ever done anything quite like this before. But time to try something new I guess? The wife has gone to the cinema and the kiddos are sleeping, so for the next two hours I’ll try the fine art of live blogging. There'll be no specific agenda, but I do plan to spend some time listening to some of the stuff from the mailbox. And there will probably be lots of my usual babbling (nonsense if you like) stuff as well. I normally run my posts through several spell checks before posting, but there will be none of this tonight. So let’s see if anything interesting comes out of this?

Boy - do I need a shave and a haircut? A good thing that the picture is blurred.

Speaking of the mailbox. I currently have 161 mails (81 unread) in the inbox. Make that 155 mails and 78 unread ones. Things aren't exactly progressing as I hoped they would. Quite a leap - now standing at 110 and 48.

Do you Twitter? Why it has become so popular is beyond me, but everyone else seems to be doing it so…and I currently have a "whopping" 89 followers!

Fragile Me, Fragile You by Helena Arlock is a really cool and groovy track. But doesn't she sound a LOT like Nina Persson?
+ Fragile Me Fragile You

That was the first track the mailbox had to offer tonight. Always hoping that something mind-bobbling will pop up. Let's see...what's next?

@Merz. Thanks for the comment yesterday. You’ve been truly missed and it’s impossible to express how cool it is that you’re back!

Now here's a real infectious piece of electronic pop delivered by US duo UltraChorus and definitely one for my current favorites list (check the right column, if you don't know what I'm talking about). It has probably been posted by several other bloggers already, since the promo mail arrived two days ago.
+ Words Kept Talking

My favorite blog Chromewaves lists 6 acts to watch if you’re so lucky to be attending SXSW. And that, I promise, will be the first and last time mention of that particular festival in this post.

Kasper of Tetris = Therapy (and The Yellowing Leaves I featured in the blog yesterday) has just left me a message at Myspace promising that we'll hear something new from T = T this year.
+ The End of the Season

Equally interesting is a comment from UK duo st famous promising that they’ll release “something” this year. The duo is a highly interesting combo of Andrew Montgomery (ex-Geneva) and Keris Howard (Harper Lee and Brighter), so this is certainly something I’ll be impatiently looking out for.
+ Tired & Emotional

Still checking mails...time to get something to drink...

I've just received a mail featuring a track with the incredible title I Try To Despise The Ugly People (But The Beautiful Ones Keep Turning Me Down). It's the new single by Swedish multi-person band Napoleon and it will be out on Ruffa Lane Records on April 27. It's quite a pop charmer, but I'm not sure whether or not it will be OK posting for download. So for now streaming will have to do.

I hate when you have to enter you e-mail to get a free promo MP3. More and more common these day.

It's all uphill right now as WMP refuses to cooperate.

Death Valley Sleepers has published a new track Seaside at Myspace. Unfortunately it's not free to download and since the band remains unsigned, I have no idea if/when it will be possible getting your hands on this brilliant track. The outro is especially great.

That will be all for tonight. Maybe (no promises) I'll try this again some other time?


pplist said...

Cool pic & cool idea to liveblog. (Got your tweet.)Enjoying this. Stay hirsute!

pplist said...

BTW, "Your Filehost" truly sucks. It just froze my browser (and it's springlike here in Texas.) Hate those ads they include.'s better. On a lighter note, love that Lucky Soul song you sent us to at Chromewaves. Thanks.

stytzer said...

Thanks for the comments and for reading :) YourFileHost is the only host I can use at work, but I'll upload the track once again in a moment.

DJ Talbot said...

I could not get here from your myspace bulletin. Too many spaces in the wrong places!