March 17, 2009

This and that...

Not sure how many mails I’ve received the past month regarding SXSW, but it has to be close to 500. Not the most interesting stuff to read through, when you’re not going and have very little interest in who’s playing where and when. The music part of the festival starts tomorrow, so hopefully this insane flow of mails is about to stop. Probably too much to ask, as I suspect that a stream of thank you/follow up/great meeting y’all etc. mails will begin once the festival is over?

I’ve previously mentioned that Ruined by Martin will be playing live for the first time ever at Lades in Copenhagen on April 3. The band will be supporting (or supported by) surf rock/punk trio El Ray, and the combination of these two rather different acts should make it quite an interesting evening.
+ El Ray - Jack The Samurai
+ El Ray - Casbah

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly urge you to visit Chromewaves to download the new single Whoa Billy by Lucky Soul. It’s simply too gorgeous to miss.

Tetris = Therapy has to be one of the most talented young Danish bands I’ve ever covered in the blog, but recently the duo has been awfully quiet. Apparently for a reason, as one half of the duo is busy travelling around Europe. So while on his own, Kasper, who makes up the second half of the duo, has launched a solo project named The Yellowing Leaves, and 5 new (and really interesting) recordings are free to download at BandBase.
+ Tetris = Therapy - Big Tasty
+ The Yellowing Leaves - Dreamt I Had Arrived (E45)
+ The Yellowing Leaves - In Memory of the Sun

Mars Needs Guitars is back!

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Anonymous said...

Stytzer, Thanks for the linkage my blogging Brother! You are doing an excellent job with Hits In The Car and I missed you. Got some catching up to do since I am still stuck back in 2007. Thanks again for remembering Mars Needs Guitars!