March 16, 2009


Today has been absolutely awful. Dead tired from a little too much drinking Saturday evening combined with having to meet a reporting deadline at work today. And for a few hours every blog hosted by blogger was stopped by our IT security system, which more or less would have put an end to my blogging career. Whatever caused this has now been changed and things are pretty much back to normal.

Arriving in my mailbox this weekend were albums by Green Concorde, Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Hopefully I’ll soon find the peace and quite needed to give them all the attention they deserve (?)!

One-man project Little Big Adventure has been signed by Labrador and a debut EP named The Hateful Eye will be out May 13.
+ The Hateful Eye

Don’t know how a promo copy of the self-titled Audrye Sessions debut album ended up in my mailbox, but I certainly don’t mind it did. This isn’t earth shattering original in any way, but just good decent indie rock. And you cannot really get enough of that; can you?
+ Turn Me Off

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