March 6, 2009

Want you to know...

Every blogger probably knows what it feels like finding a song that you cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear? If so, you should completely understand the feeling I’ve had for the past 24 hours since I stumbled upon Broken Satellite by Dennis Mejdal, as I cannot recall the last time I heard a song so truly gorgeous and loveable as this one. No chance that the world will be reading this, but those of you who actually do, make sure you don’t miss out on it. Just don’t!
+ Broken Satellite

Despite being a fairly new constellation, Danish trio The Minor Collective is off to a rapid start. Three new tracks were published yesterday, to go along with the three published less than two months ago. At first I was a bit unimpressed, but these songs just grow for every listen, and this is the kind of stuff I feel certain will work really, really well if/when performed live some day.
+ Want You To Know
+ Endless Lane
+ Denial

The LP edition of the debut album Play Music by Thieves Like Us will be released by amazing indie label Shelflife Records on Tuesday, March 10. I’ve been listening to the album a couple of times today, and I’m still trying to digest what I heard. More dark and electronic than anything I can recall being released on this label, and right now I'm in need of a few more listens before making a verdict. Eardrums has written a fine review.
+ Drugs In My Body

The Green Concorde sophomore album Down the Corridor to the Exit Through the Gates Out into Safety is out in the German speaking countries today and drops in Denmark on Monday.
+ Flowers of Romance

One Weekly Gun comments the return of “the King of pop”.
+ Hail the King

This has sort of turned into an ongoing feature, so here’s another fine rocker from Detroit 5-piece The Respectables.
+ Where You Are

Plan to post my comments on the Dear Unknown Friend album by The William Blakes on Monday, as well as a promo track from the excellent debut by The Blueflowers.


Edwina Monsoon said...

Links are not working :(

stytzer said...

They are now...I hope :-()

Tinkerbell said...

Be interested to know what you think of the WBs album- finally got my copy through, and it's inspired me to get back to the grindstone...

Anonymous said...

The Dennis Mejdal song is indeed very lovely.