March 5, 2009

White Lies, Wintersleep and Mr. Mejdal...

As usual I won't even try to pretend that this is a review, so check this fine one instead if you want a review of last night’s White Lies concert. Though it’s probably rather pointless unless you understand Danish, but the 5 stars should make it rather obvious to anyone that Kristian (of the Frekvens team) was more than happy with what he saw and heard. And I fully agree with his 5 star rating and just about everything else he writes, except that I thought Harry McVeigh had a few occasional problems with his vocals. But on the other hand he’s a charming frontman with lots of poster-boy potential, and more than once he looked genuinely overwhelmed by the reception the band was getting from the enthusiastic crowd. Another reviewer, who hands out 4 stars, is of the opinion that the live sound pretty much resembled that of the album, which confuses me to some extent, as I pretty much thought the exact opposite. Maybe the earplugs played a few tricks on me, but I heard a tight and powerful performance with more guitar and less synths than on the somewhat overproduced debut. This could probably be discussed forever, but who really cares as long as everyone had a good time? The length of the concert (approx 40 minutes) was obviously on the short side, but since the band opted not to play any covers or new tracks, there was nothing left in the tank once they had worked their way through every song of the album (except Nothing To Give). And honestly this was exactly what I expected when I bought my ticket! Finally I brought my camera and a (anything but professional looking) snapshot will be added sooner than later!
+ Death

Perhaps Canadians Wintersleep wasn’t the most rational choice as a warm-up, as the crowd wasn't overly interested. Despite the rather poor sound the band's performance was more than enough to convince me to pick up a copy of their Welcome to the Night Sky album following the concert.
+ Weighty Ghost

Prior to the concert we spent 20 minutes at Vega’s Ideal Bar, unaware that it was Klub Mini Vega night. So while having a beer, we had the pleasure of listening to local artists Dennis Mejdal and Fallulah performing a few songs. Even though his performance (at this point of the evening at least) was limited to just one song, Mr. Mejdal immediately caught my interest, so I’ve been doing a bit of checking up on him today. Seems like this singer-songwriter released an album named Grow Little Acorn, Grow! a little more than a year ago, and the rather phenomenal promo track Broken Satellite indicates that I’ve once again missed out on a great, great artist. But not for long anymore, as the album has been added to the “must have” list.
+ Broken Satellite

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