April 30, 2009

Busy day...

I really don’t have time to write anything today, but right now I’m completely fed up with work. So screw that!!

Andrew Boland, who must own one of the best voices in music, has abandoned his solo project for a while, and is now fronting a brand new Manchester constellation named Carnations. Musically you won’t find much of the heartfelt crooning we’ve been used to hearing from Mr. Boland, as Carnations has chosen to walk the indie/alternative rock path. The songs I’ve listened to so far bodes really well, though the band still seems to be in a kind of experimenting phase and has yet to decide exactly what they want to sound like. It's hardly a surprise to anyone that the somewhat The Smiths inspired Three Reasons is my favorite, but no matter what, this is one band I’m definitely going to follow with great interest.
+ Pressures of Love
+ Marie
+ Three Reasons

The 4 Danish youngsters in The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. Kite have decided to part ways. Young bands splitting up happens a little too often for my liking, but motivation is everything. So when the hearts are no longer in the project, it’s the right decision to move on. And then it doesn’t really matter what us listeners think!
+ Black Cat

I’m quite surprised how much I’m enjoying the Junior album by Röyksopp. I obviously knew what type of music I would be getting, but never thought it would make such an impact.

This post has recently attracted a lot of visitors from Facebook. Not that I mind at all, but I just cannot figure out why and how?

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