May 1, 2009

Friday music...

Time is still sparse and one hour from now you’ll see me running out of the door, as I’ll have to be somewhere else...far, far away from any computers. But since it means that I’m going to be eating an excellent lunch, that's just fine by me. This also means that today the music will have to do its own talking, as I’m just going to post a bunch of the many fine tunes recently found in the mailbox and various other places. And trust me when I say that it’s a fine bunch varying from dance over instrumental via indie rock to world. I’m “experimenting” with as an alternative file host, so bare with me, if things aren’t working properly and I’ll do my best sorting things out, whenever I get back online.
+ Great Northern - Houses
+ Rikers - 10000 Miles
+ Better Than Ezra - Absolutely Still
+ Ozric Tentacles - Mooncalf
+ Evan Voytas - Getting Higher
+ Hermas Zopoula - Courons Courez
+ One eskimO - Givin' up (Don Diablo Remix)
+ New Ruins - Symptoms


Chris said...

hey, has something happened to your blog layout? Can't see your sidebar anymore, neither in Internet-Explorer nor Firefox. And the feed doesn't seem to work either...

or has blogger gone bad?

Chris said...

hmm... it's back again. Must have been something here on this end. But feedburner seems to have a problem nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

wtf..MY S P A CE ????
No files, No Music...
Delete ya blog dude(or Buy an album to share)
And of Course...There's No point posting it at all! /Just as "Chris" said "Bloggers gone bad"

"Destroy ALL Empire's"


Hiya, i work with One eskimO and would love to hear some feedback from fans about what they think of the latest tracks, music videos and any live performances you may have seen.
They are due to perform on GMTV anytime soon so keep your eyes peeled.
In the mean time check out the free bundle they are giving away on the site, which now includes the Don Diablo Givin' Up Remix. -