April 15, 2009

IFPI revisited and more...

Is this nemesis? Just hours after writing that IFPI/Blogger hadn’t removed my re-post of the Doves remix, I received a notification that another post had been taken down. I assume you’re now awaiting a post of rage and anger, but apparently my previous post didn’t help, so why bother? And since the post in question is from February and not something removed from the “front page”, it is somehow easier to live with, though I still find it difficult to accept that they did it without contacting me first. However it does puzzle me somewhat that the post taken down is one of those “emptying the mailbox” ones, where I post various promo tracks found in the mailbox. But perhaps I should have read the mails more carefully, though I doubt very much that any of them said that I wasn’t allowed to post the track or only posting it for a limit period of time. I know I keep the songs up for quite a long time (maybe too long), but since I’m in the third or fourth wave of bloggers receiving the promo mails, the songs have most likely been posted by several other (and much bigger) blogs. So the songs are already out there, and the 5-10 extra downloads caused by me not removing the download links cannot really be what’s ruining the industry. Can it? But I’ll soldier on, though some guidelines would be much appreciated.

I’ll definitely be standing right in front of the stage when Danish quartet C’est tout Martine are playing at Start! Festival. Completely unknown to me a couple of days ago, but the band’s naive yet absolutely lovely indie pop tunes (sung in Danish) have charmed me away. This year’s line-up just keeps looking better and better and still plenty of new bands left to be checked out.
+ Faa Et Liv
+ Vender Tilbage

Superb Danish folk rocker Cody is now in New York and for the next week he and the band will be playing a number of gigs. Simply too great to miss!
+ There Is A Light (Live)

A new 7 track CD by Florida shoegazers Starring Me will (hopefully) be out in May.
+ Parallels are Endless

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Liana said...

can you blog about Moto Boy and list the songs that can be downloaded for free just through this blog?cause' i really like Moto Boy songs.i'm requesting for What It Was Like To Be With You and Ride My Wild Heart other than Blue Motorbike

PLEASE????! ):