April 14, 2009

To Warsaw and back...

Back again from an Easter trip to Warsaw with the family, where we did very little besides eating, sleeping, playing with the kids, drinking beers and playing Mario Kart. So obviously we had one heck of a time, though it didn’t leave much room for any decent music listening. But always fun watching friends discuss whether or not the Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack is crap and getting overly nostalgic together by listening to some radio station entirely committed to 80’s music. Anyway here I am, back in the saddle again for the next 8 days, until it’s time to board the next plane.

Plan to do some “live” blogging Friday and Sunday evening, as the wife will be out both nights. And the mailbox looks as if it could explode any second, so there’s plenty of stuff to go/listen through.

If anyone’s interested; there’s been no reaction from IFPI/Blogger on my “open letter” post and both post and track are still very much there. Cannot say I anticipated any reply, but in a way I did expect the post to be deleted.

New song by Ruined by Martin is streaming at Myspace and the band remains true to its somewhat Depeche Mode influenced sound.

As I wrote last week I wasn’t too excited about the Start! Festival line-up. So trying to be as open-minded and optimistic as possible, I have now started listening to a string of the unknown bands, and so far one artist especially has made a really great impression. Young Dane Jeremy Sparrow (his artistic alias) plays catchy indie-rock and the 4 demos available have received plenty of airplay in the office today. His is currently recording his debut EP, with assistance, among others, from Ebbe Frej (EPO-555) and Tobias Winberg (Death Valley Sleepers), and plans are that it will be out on the recently established label Ha Ha Records some time this summer.
+ Twin Flowers
+ Outrunning Paper Tigers
+ Suburb
+ Yes-Men

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