May 26, 2009


Not even sure that ”disappointed“ sums up exactly how I’m feeling right now. I was really looking forward to the concert Saturday evening at our local venue Toldkammeret (Entakt, The Holiday Show and Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture), but I’ve just learned that it has been cancelled. Would have been nice for a change not having to go to Copenhagen to see a few interesting bands, but the cancellation has probably everything to do with a lack of tickets sold (though this hasn't been verified). I cannot say that I’m surprised, as the shittiest bands sell the most tickets in this city.
+ EntaktKunsten At Slippe Taget
+ Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture - No Drive (Crushed Revisited)
+ The Holiday ShowAlways Something Missing

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Jean-Pierre Moya said...

Shitty bands sells the most tickets EVERYWHERE.
But it's not that bad to have to make an effort to see the bands you like in a world where you can get everything from a simple click :-)