May 22, 2009

From the top of my head...

For the next two hours (10 a.m. CET - 12 a.m. CET) I'll be chit chatting with myself and post whatever interesting I stumble upon. If I stumble upon anything interesting that is!

Last week (May 12) Matinée Recordings promised to post previews from the forthcoming album by Northern Portrait and The Electric Pop Group within the next seven days. Not that I'm going to act like an impatient brat or anything, but guys; that was 10 days ago! Will you people please, please post something - NOW!

I have 764 unread mails in my mailbox. Even if this was a full time job, I'd never be able to read them all!

Anyone remember Max Vernon and his I Kissed a Girl cover? Whether or not you do remember, he is now giving away his new track Your Girlfriend for free.
+ Your Girlfriend

It’s been a while, since the last time I posted anything recommended by Rodolfo. But yesterday he sent a mail including the track Moving by Finnish band Delay Trees, which promptly made Peter response “very, very, VERY good”. So I simply had to give that track a listen and obviously Peter’s comment was spot on! Said track is not a free download, but luckily the equally excellent track About Brothers is. Both tracks are from the 7 track Self Construction EP, which was released last month (can be ordered directly from the band’s webpage).
+ About Brothers

Now here’s a real gem from the inbox. The infectious and energetic F.R.A.N.C.E. by London five piece them:youth. The band’s debut single Bows and Arrows will be out on Another Music = Another Kitchen Records on 25 May, so this is simply meant to be an appetizer. And such a brilliant starter it is that it has left me speculating how insanely fabulous the debut single has to be, since F.R.A.N.C.E. didn’t make the cut!
+ F.R.A.N.C.E.

Coffee break...

The official Ruined by Martin webpage has been revamped and it looks as if the band is currently firing on all cylinders and is working hard with recordings, trying to book live dates etc. 6 tracks have been uploaded and are free to grab for anyone interested. Among the tracks you'll find the band’s most recent recording Ex-believer.
+ Ex-believer

Thank you Jonas for reminding me that Among Relatives is a "must see" at Start! Festival.

I have a staggering 2,725 myspace "friends" and yet I have difficulties finding more than a handful of bulletin posts of even remote interest? A bit of cleaning up among those so-called friends is what I need to do!

I have yet to order the new Over and Over album by The Legends, but these two short and noisy (but still incredibly melodic) sample tracks certainly makes it very tempting.
+ Seconds Away
+ Always The Same

I just received an email promoting the Australian release of Crushing Digits (that’s the second album from VETO in case you don’t know). Don't know why, but I'm not all that sure that anyone checked my location before adding me to that mailing list? But what the heck! Hey you Australians! Buy the album. It’s good. Actually it’s better than that. It’s great!
+ You Are a Knife (from the There's A Beat In All Machines debut)



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