May 20, 2009

Småt brændbart...

At the risk of losing whatever credibility I may have left, I’m still not afraid to shout out in public that (this is my opinion of course) 21st Century Breakdown is brilliant, though not quite as fantastic as American Idiot. At least not yet.

Entakt frontman Jonas tested the “live blogging” (or whatever it’s supposed to be called) concept last night. And it ended up being a quite interesting read!

Start! Festival announced yesterday that 10 new names have been added to the line-up. I can see that Outlandish is one of them, but who are the other 9?

Perhaps the quintet Nomotion is one of them? At least I cannot recall seeing their name in the line-up before, so I’ve been giving them a few listens to see, if they should be added to my “must-see” list. The band’s britpop inspired songs are really likeable, but at the same time sound like something we’ve heard lots of times before. So for now I remain undecided.
+ Terminal Probation

Chromewaves (Frank; that lucky bastard) had the privilege of being at two The Radio Dept. live shows the past weekend.

Sweden's Kamera has mailed me their recent single Dead Man Walking. It's taken from the band's new (and second) album Blank Expressions, which is released today. And if it wasn't because of my snotty nose, I'd probably go to Helsingborg tonight to see them live at The Tivoli, as I'm really enjoying the band's 80's inspired new-wave/pop.
+ Dead Man Walking

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Avi said...

the new Green Day is really good, but it's waaaaaaaaay too long. if it was cut down to 30 minutes, it would be absolutely brilliant.