May 19, 2009

Snotty nose...

I’ve received a little feed back on my previous blog post, and whether we call it live blogging or not; a few people seem to like reading those kinds of posts. And I quite enjoy writing them too, though they do require that you have a few undisturbed hours available.

This piece of Pitchfork news on the upcoming Mew album is probably old news by now. Sounds creative and innovative, but hopefully the boys saved some creativity for writing music as well? Should be interesting. Very interesting! But I'm also somewhat nervous that the album will be utter crap.

Wrote Saturday that I didn't know how to buy the Winding Stairs album Everything. I've since been informed that it should be available from record stores (if you live in Scandinavia) as well as digitally.
+ Shadow Stripes

Oliver North Boy Choir are no more, but the band's music lives on. So when watching the news Sunday evening, it was fun (and extremely cool) to hear a few seconds of Holy Wars being played during a documentary on cod farming in Norway!

Always worth mentioning a new release by fine label Shelflife, though I'll never be a fan of that CD/7" combo. Tactical POP! for Coffee Cadets by Socialist Leisure Party will be out tomorrow, and it will be a 300 copies only limited release.
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