June 10, 2009


It has taken 4 years to complete, but finally a new CD from Starring Me has seen the light of day. The band itself calls the release a CD and I suspect that the band (just like me) wasn’t sure whether this 7-track release should be labeled “album” or “EP”, as Parallels runs for just 30 minutes. Which probably is a little less than one had hoped for. Musically there is not much new brought to the table, and the music remains the same dreamy and shoegaze inspired kind, as found on the band’s two previous albums. But I certainly wasn’t asking for or expecting any changes, as I’ve been quite a fan of this band ever since I stumble upon their music way back in early 2006. So keeping things as they are is just fine by me. The CD can be bought from the band’s myspace page for the bargain price of $7.00. The band has been so kind to send an extra copy of the CD, so if you’re interested in getting a copy; shoot me an e-mail. Should I receive more than one e-mail (which I very much hope for, but somehow doubt I’ll get), I’ll pick the lucky winner on Friday.
+ Parallels are Endless


Anonymous said...

Thanks Stytzer!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this album! Short but Sweet!