June 8, 2009

Start! and more...

Unlike previous years I’m not going to write a lengthy report from this year’s Start! (previously Vesterbro) Festival. Primarily because I’m afraid that most of it will be spent on discussing the line-up and the criteria used for selecting the artists. So no in-depth analysis this year I’m afraid. But fact is that I was there, and during the three days I heard lots of music of varying quality and got introduced to a string of (to me at least) unfamiliar artists. A few made a good impression and will perhaps be included in a blogpost some fine day. Several made a not so good impression and most likely will never be featured around here. Those artists I knew beforehand did (for most parts) a fine job and I will continue following them and bring updates whenever there is something interesting to tell. The always reliable Ginger Ninja (picture) was the last band I saw at this year’s festival and whenever the band releases a debut album, it will be most welcomed.
+ OnePlusOneIsThree

No Blood In Bones has been picked "band of the week" at BandBase.dk.
+ Safe Way Out

Canadian artist Under Electric Light has remixed the track Danaé by fellow Canadians Les Incendiaries and has made it a free download. No clue what the song is about, as I've never bothered learning a single word of French. But it's good stuff!
+ Danaé (Under Electric Light mix)

New, small indie label Odd Box Records had the busiest of days yesterday and announced three new releases!

The Really Like to See You Again 12” single by Thieves Like Us will be out on Shelflife Records tomorrow. 500 copies have been pressed, so act swiftly!
+ Really Like to See You Again


Anonymous said...

See you like godd music. Just a tip for you: Green Day has put up some livevideos from their tour on MySpace. You don't want to miss this!


Parklife said...

I especially like the UEL-remix, great stuff! Reminds me a bit of very early Indochine.