June 22, 2009

This and that...

Please not that today’s post is not called ”various” but ”this and that” instead. The difference? You tell me!

Electronic one-man project Sleep Party People has been signed by expanding Danish label Speed of Sound. I’ve mentioned Sleep Party People a few times before, but in case you didn’t pay attention back then, the man behind the SPP alias is Brian Batz of blog favorite Majorian and the excellent, but (since long ago) disbanded Mavis. Fine Danish blog Data Sapiens has more including information on a debut album as well as a track for download.

Evan Voytas, whose track Getting Higher can still be found among my current favorites in the right column, has recorded a cover of The Cure’s A Few Hours After This.... Originally the b-side of the In Between Days single, which in fact was the first record I ever bought by The Cure. Doubt very much that I ever listened to the b-side, so pretty difficult comparing the cover version to the original, though my first reaction was that he’s doing a pretty decent job.
+ A Few Hours After This (The Cure cover)

Started the day by downloading tracks from various promo mails and as always a few made a decent impression and most of them made none at all. No track made an instant impact, which unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as one could wish for. However this track by VNV Nation taken from the duo’s recently released Of Faith, Power and Glory album has turned out to be quite a grower, and one any fan of up-tempo industrial-inspired synth-pop should find quite appealing after a few listens.
+ The Great Divide

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no guru said...

The Cure b-side is one of my favorite Cure songs but the vocals on this version need more punch