June 19, 2009


That title again! Sorry...

If their Twitter profile can be trusted, Northern Portrait is currently mixing their debut album. And of course it can be trusted (I sincerely hope).
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me

7" single Turktown Saints by Socialist Leisure Party will be out on the incomparable Cloudberry Records tomorrow. Same band released the CD + 7" Tactical POP! for Coffee Cadets on Shelflife Records exactly one month ago today.
+ Turktown Saints

Boxstr.com hasn't been working for I don't know how long. Wonder if they'll refund the money I've paid for their so-called "services"?

Should have mentioned previously that fab Danes Spleen United are currently performing shows in the States. If you happen to be in L.A. tonight or tomorrow or in N.Y. on the 26th make sure to catch them.
+ She Falls In Love With Machines (Vhs or Beta Dee Jays Remix)
+ Running Up That Hill (Kath Bush cover with The William Blakes)

Cannot say I'm a fan of this band, but Private is offering free downloads of several remixes of the track My Secret Lover. And will always be a fan of free downloads!
+ My Secret Lover (Remixed by Juxx)

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