July 8, 2009


My head feels like a boiling kettle right now, so I’m not sure if I can post anything that will make sense to anyone (do I ever?). So I’ll just stick to one of these shorties posts today!

The music of one man band (that expression is plain stupid, but I cannot think of a better one) Kites With Lights, who’s responsible for the fine New Order cover I featured the other day, is rather uncomplicated indietronica/electro pop, but still worth checking out.
+ The Weight of your Heart

Occasional contributor Rodolfo has launched his own blog; Hidden Treasure.

The Matinée Recordings news page has been updated, but basically (and unfortunately) the news is that there isn't all that much to tell.

The Moto Boy website has a new look and to (perhaps) celebrate this, the Regina remix of Young Love is free to download.
+ Young Love (Regina remix)

Download two tracks by Danish "super"-group Ghost Society at RCRD LBL. Will be interesting to hear if this is any good?

The new album by The Raveonettes will be out 6 October and will be called In And Out Of Control.

Indonesians Sunny Summer Day has a lovely new track named In Summer Time streaming at Myspace. Beautiful indie pop and obviously recommended by J.A.

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