July 28, 2009

Vice & Beauty...

Tobias Winberg keeps publishing new tracks under his Death Valley Sleepers alias at a fairly nice pace, and during my recent holiday a new baby named Vice & Beauty saw the light of day. And scanning through the many, many mails I’ve received the past two weeks, I was pleased to find a copy of the track including the permission to share it with the lot of you. The band (or one-man project if you like) has the past year or so turned into one my favorites, and new songs are approached with excitement and a little nervousness. So far each and every song we’ve laid ears on has been of ridiculously high quality, and I guess it's only fair to be slightly concerned whether or not this string of amazing tunes can be kept alive. However there’s absolutely nothing to worry about (for now at least), as Vice & Beauty follows ever so nicely in the footsteps of previous songs sounding like the “usual” 60’s inspired mix of The Velvet Underground, JAMC and The Raveonettes (how many times have I written this?), but does so without things becoming even remotely tedious or repetitious! It really is time for a proper release now; isn’t it?
+ Vice & Beauty

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pplist said...

Fabulous! Thanks again and again.