July 29, 2009

Bjarke Niemann – Champions of the Wild Side...

The artist’s name might not ring a bell, but if I add that he’s more known as the one fronting Spleen United, you hopefully have some kind of idea, what were dealing with here. Champions of the Wild Side is not the first sign of a solo career in the making, but a result of his participation in the MixToVerdener (mix two worlds) project, which has been set up by Danish Radio P2, Danske Bank and BandBase.dk. Every month a sample from a classical piece is picked by a jury and made available from the MixToVerdener website for everyone to download and remix. This month’s sample (I believe) is taken from Pictures at an Exhibition by Russian composer Modest Mussorgskij and aided by this and a sketch for a song already written, Bjarke Niemann has produced a fascinating and melancholic track. Spleen United fans might find it a little too poppy and not quite faithful to the band's trademark darker sounds, but I can only recommend that you give it some listens and let this beautiful piece sink in. Then it won’t take long before you’ll be hooked!
+ Champions of the Wild Side

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