August 21, 2009

2 EP’s and an album...

That’s been my menu so far today, and a both diverse and most enjoyable one.

The Thoughts Like Bombs EP by Houston quartet The Watermarks is a fine pick as the starter, as it immediately makes sure that all senses are alert and ready right from the beginning. Described like "if Phil Spector made an album with Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, it would sound like The Watermarks.”, and the magnitude of noise, distortion, synths and guitars make this description a fairly accurate one. The EP has been out for more than a year now, but to me it’s still a new and absolutely pleasant acquaintance. The entire EP is free to download from the band’s webpage or at
+ Face the Wall
+ Remember to Forget

Ghosts is the third album by Danish alt-country (or nordicana as preferred by the band) quartet Homesick Hank, and a really perfect choice for the main course. The album features 11 gorgeous tracks relying primarily on their own beauty and the strength of the songwriting, but a judicious dose of spices (strings, piano etc.) has been added, thus helping to turn this album into a truly glorious experience.
+ Gasoline Skies

The Imperial School EP by US duo Horse Shoes rounds up today’s “culinary” experience and I’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice for dessert than this. The purest of indie pop so sweet (think the best of Sweden) and of such sheer quality that Shelflife, a name that equals quality, sees no problem in releasing this as part of their CD+7” 1000 series. I’m still no fan of the whole concept of including a 7” vinyl as part of the release, as my turntable is determinedly stored away (that one too – see yesterday's post) in the attic.
+ Changing Winds
+ The Imperial School


ce54r said...

Hi, I'm Cesar, the singer/guitar player of The Watermarks. First of all I'd like to thank you just for reviewing our EP, and thank you for being so kind to us. We're glad you enjoyed our music.

I just want to make a small correction. Our EP was released on June of this year, although, some of its songs have been around for a while as demos on MySpace and our site. That's all.

Thanks again for reviewing us!

Take care.

stytzer said...

Hi Cesar.

I stand corrected. Thought I checked your Myspace for info, but apparently not...Old or new - your music is still brilliant! :)