August 20, 2009

Promos CD's...

Don’t think I had received a promo CD in maybe 6 months or more, and then suddenly two in two days? I’m an old fashioned guy in many ways. I pay the restaurant bill on a date (or used to before I got married), open doors for the ladies, give compliments etc. And when it comes to music things are no different, as I prefer music on CD’s and not as something stored away on a computer. OK; I promise not to re-open that tangible vs. intangible discussion (once) again, but I’m certain you get my point. So I’m quite thrilled that I've seemingly been added to those mailing lists again and am seriously looking forward to receiving more CD’s in the near future. Only problem is storage, which is a rather delicate issue, when you happen to be married to someone, who thinks CD’s have no decorative value whatsoever and should be stored in boxes in the attic, far, far out of reach. But I’m not going to let that ruin my current state of joy! So to show my honest appreciation I’ve been listening to From Sumi To Japan by Brian Bonz & the Dot Hongs and Visitation by Division Day a few times each today, and although both of them show serious potential, it’s still far too early to state, whether or not you should spend some of your weekly allowance on either, or perhaps even both, album(s).
+ Division DayDevil Light
+ Brian Bonz & the Dot HongsKid Shit


Anonymous said...

Hello guys,

we are the from Brazil..

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Mikkel said...

Hey Stützer.
Our wives may NEVER meet each other; it would create a rip in the time/space continuum... At least they sound very much alike :D

stytzer said...

@Mikkel - so your wife's nice too? :) Mine just has this "CD and mess in the living room" allergy, which seems impossible to cure.

Mikkel said...

Definitely nice!
They might not be the same though, because she accepts the prescence of the CDs, but every time the subject of expanding the space for them comes up, she develops this kind of aggressive excema ;)