August 11, 2009

Me Me Me...

Here’s a track found in a mail some time ago, which I instantly liked so much that I had to ask for permission to share it. I received that permission within hours, but for whatever odd reason I have never gotten around to actually posting it. Then Saturday I sort of got a “in your face” reminder, as the song was aired on national radio, so I made a vow that it would be included in my next post, before the song becomes old news. The song in question is the first single Me Me Me from Danish quartet Lars and The Hands of Light, and it’s a quite laid back, acoustic dominated track with a real catching chorus. Name of frontman Lars Vognstrup probably should have rung a bell (shame on me for my ignorance I guess), but he happens to be an ex-Wolfkin and Money Your Love band member, so he’s hardly a newcomer to the business. The band is the most recent band signed by Crunchy Frog and a debut album is in the making with an expected release date some time this fall.
+ Me Me Me (download link removed)

The reviews of the new Jong Pang album Love, which was released yesterday, are somewhat lukewarm, but since The William Blakes frontman Kristian Leth insists that this is the best album of the year, it has now been ordered, as I obviously don't want to risk missing out on something great.
+ Liar Liar

is the grand cru among music blogs and although the much hyped and talked about duo The Big Pink had been featured on just about every music blog imaginable, it wasn’t until I read this “introduction” that I actually thought it worthwhile checking them out. Truly great stuff and yet another album added to the shopping list.
+ Dominos

The Sky Drops debut album Bourgeois Beat is out today (available from the band's website) and first promo track Swimming With Fishes simply merges the best of indie pop and shoegaze. Without question something that needs to be checked out further.
+ Swimming With Fishes

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hipsterhomo said...

I noticed that some of the songs you've featured lately get cut off before the end. Is that just problems I'm having downloading, or is this some awful new trend in free mp3s? It's such a bummer -- that abrupt ending is like a slap in the face and just ruins what came before. Alas.