August 13, 2009 – Track of the Day...

I have spent quite some time today checking out various tracks which at some point have been selected “track of the day” at Danish music community The daily track is usually picked by commander editor in chief Rasmus Ardahl, who does a fine job to secure that as many genres and artists (signed vs. unsigned) as possible are being covered. This obviously means that not all tracks are equally enjoyable for persons with a limited music taste like mine, but there is still plenty of music to explore, as this feature/service began for more than a year and a half ago. Below a few of the songs I’ve found (or in most cases refound) and enjoyed today including a few comments for each tracks.

+ The Boombox HeartsExtras, when you’re ready, please (track of the day August 12, 2009)
Featured in this blog not so long ago, but nice to see the band getting some recognition at as well.

+ WindermereThere’s a Sun (track of the day May 19, 2008)
The band’s sophomore album No One Wins was my favorite album of 2006 (back in those days, where I actually bothered making those lists), but 3 years on we are still awaiting any news on a follow-up.

+ lastbandaliveThe Mexico Of Europe (streaming) (track of the day June 6, 2009)
This is by far my favorite song of the moment, but sadly only available for streaming. The band consists of 3 (I believe) former members of The Alpine and apparently a 6-track EP is ready, which I’m currently working to get my hands on.

+ La La NaïveNot Just Things (track of the day October 18, 2008)
In their own words La La Naïve is "Toy Piano, Glockenspiel, synths, beats and fantastic melodies". Add playfulness with a capital P to the mix and you have a pretty good description.

+ Under Byen - Af samme stof som stof (track of the day July 26, 2009)
Not just a community for the up and coming, and more established names like Under Byen can be found at as well.

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