August 19, 2009

Posting for the sake of posting...

I’m having a tough time today trying to find anything of interest to post and at some point I was thinking about turning today’s post into a plea to my favorite artists that they should start posting news, music, tour dates, whatever, just to give me something to write about. I even considered suggesting that some of them should split up, but in an afterthought I reckoned it probably wasn’t such a brilliant idea after all! I'm obviously well aware that one shouldn’t just post for the sake of posting without having a least something slightly relevant to say, but as I’ve recently (sort of) re-found my blogging enthusiasm and am back at posting at a fairly regular pace, I really, really want to post “something” today. So basically this means that I won’t give a damn about this “rule” today, and the contents of this post will simply be a handful of tracks found during my most recent mailbox "cleaning", without any words accompanying them. Well I suppose I could add that they are indeed all well worth a listen.
+ Plus49Naive Brother
+ The PostmarksMy Lucky Charm
+ Keegan DeWittTelephone
+ Anna TernheimWhat Have I Done

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Anonymous said...

naive brother is really a good one!