August 27, 2009

Someone please explain...

Bullshit mail of the day comes from; “We have recently received a complaint regarding the following file(s), which you have been sharing through your account, and infringe on a previously-held copyright: "MyBox/slaraffenland_ meetandgreet.mp3”. But, but, but? Less than 48 hours ago I received (a second) promo mail (from Team Clermont in case you think I’m making this up) offering this track as well as another track from the forthcoming Slaraffenland album We’re On Your Side as free downloads. So how can I possibly violate anything? Apparently I know shit about how mechanisms work in the music business, but I cannot help thinking that someone is fucking things up really bad somewhere or perhaps my ignorance has just reached new heights? To make sure that the complainers get more to complain about (or in an ideal world realize that there are in fact absolutely nothing to complain about), here’s a repost of Meet and Greet as well as the second (so called "promo") track Open Your Eyes. Both are (as mentioned) taken from the We’re On Your Side album that will be out in the US on September 15 and one week earlier on September 7 in Denmark.
+ Meet and Greet (Team Clermont link) (Hometapes link - the band's US label!)
+ Open Your Eyes (Team Clerrmont link)


indierocker said...

oh come on, i have been caught couple of times breaking the DMCA, but this story is incredible!

maybe someone's trying to frame you?

nice songs anyway!

Hometapes said...

Not sure what that's about. Thanks for sharing; it's encouraged by I don't know who would've complained.

Feel free to forward me the email you received.
adam [at] home-tapes [dot] com

Thanks again and take care,

stytzer said...

@indierocker: yep - I'm being framed big time :) Probably a communication error somewhere!

@adam: will mail you!