August 25, 2009

Tellus about the Moon...

It’s been a while since we heard anything from great Swedish indiepoppers Tellus about the Moon, but for a good reason, as they have been busy recording their debut album. I had a short chat on the web with one of the band members Saturday night and he informed me that the band is now working intensively on finding an ”attractive” label to release their album, as the band remains unsigned. You might recall that the band released an EP on Letterbox Records last year, but their self-titled EP probably should be considered a “just this once” kind of thing? But the band remains confident that they’ll soon be signed to a label, and I’m definitely going to stay optimistic with the band. And why shouldn’t I, as the three new recordings recently uploaded to Myspace sound excellent? I’ll monitor the situation closely and will obviously keep you posted, when (hopefully soon) news on label signing, release and tour dates etc. will start popping up!
+ Nomore (from last year’s EP)

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