September 2, 2009

Last Dance...

Yesterday I labeled Explosions by The Mary Onettes the perfect pop song. Not smart I guess, as it means that I need to come up with something completely different, when finding a way to describe the new single Last Dance by The Raveonettes. Every little piece of this song is just right (oh what the f*ck – let’s use that perfect phrase again) and during the 3 minutes and 47 seconds I’m constantly go back and forth between smiles and wobbling lips. To me tears are the highest stamp of quality, as they always seem to come knocking, when I hear or see something of sheer beauty. Not that the band has abandoned their appealing (and trademark) 60’s inspired sound or anything, as the band still sounds very much like The Raveonettes, with those Phil Spector and JAMC comparisons being as valid as ever. So it’s not like they haven’t always been great ballplayers, but suddenly it just feels like they hit that one homerun, you’ll always remember them for.

Last Dance is taken from the band’s fourth full-length album In and out of Control (produced by Danish wunderkind Thomas Troelsen in his Deltalab studios) which will be out October 6 (and one day earlier in Denmark).
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Parklife said...

Yeah, what a great song!

so said...

So I know you always say that you don't know what to say about the songs you're sharing and don't know how to write music reviews, but the fact that you don't use massive embroidery in your explanations to things is exactly why your resource rocks. You're unapologetic, and...right! With the 2398423472918 descriptions of things out there that most people don't understand, it's refreshing to get a music blogger that does what all of the good ones do: share the right music. Thanks for the archive downloads feature, by the way, it's pretty awesome to have immediate access to what you recommend.

Explosions = best

stytzer said...

@ So - not sure what to say. Perhaps a thank you is OK? I'm downright flattered!