September 1, 2009


I’m still trying to recover from the weekend. Too much to drink combined with various physical activities (go-carting, playing basketball etc.) is a lethal cocktail. So the boys and I have come to the only obvious conclusion that although we are pretending to be, we are no longer 17 years old...or 35 for that matter! What’s my age again?

Did you read the comment posted by Adam Svanell the other day? Would be rather fantastic if a couple of “forgotten” Memoplay tracks suddenly popped up! Crossing my fingers...
+ Songs for no Ears

News found via It’s A Trap. At least another 5 months to go before the third album by The Radio Dept. will be out. My impatience and expectations have if possible reached new heights!
+ David
+ Freddie and the trojan horse

Speaking of expectations, I have to admit that I’m a bit underwhelmed by the new single Puzzles by The Mary Onettes. It’s really nice and all that, but I know it’s all my fault as I’m expecting each new song by the band to (at least) match Explosions. And of course I know it's a longshot, as it’s more than difficult to imagine how the band could possibly write a more perfect pop song than said Explosions (watch the video below and agree!).
+ Puzzles

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