September 29, 2009

Ready to be heartbroken...

Only one day to go and tickets are still available for the Camera Obscura concert tomorrow night at Loppen in Copenhagen. Rather surprised by this, as the capacity of the venue is 400 and tickets cost a mere DKK 120. Hopefully it has more to do with it being Wednesday night (just read that the music won't start until10pm), rather than one of the world’s finest indie pop bands having this few fans in Copenhagen (and pretty much the rest of Zealand as well). For anyone still needing to be convinced that it might be a brilliant idea going, please download the songs below and then read Thomas Ladegaard’s nice little write-up (in Danish) about the band.
+ Suspended From Class
+ Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
+ French Navy
+ My Maudlin Career

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Mikkel said...

dér var svaret på min Facebook besked, jo... Ses derinde.