September 28, 2009

Mixed bag...

Why is it that I always find it so incredibly difficult to get anything going on Mondays? Be it work, be it blogging or be it even life in general. Probably caused by the waking up early, getting kids to school plus kindergarten, rushing to get to work on time and the general lack of excitement about work; somewhat amazing how it only takes two days to get used to not going to work, but at least three or four to get used to be back “in action” again. And by then it’s almost weekend. A vicious cycle if there ever was one!

So time to do something about the bad habit of taking Mondays off from blogging, so here we go with something (as always) old, something (very little) new, something (definitely) borrowed, something (doubt it) blue.

Danish industrial/goth inspired rock band Demons Are Real has a new band name and is now called We Are Real. The change of name was included in the unwelcomed announcement that the band has decided to part ways and leaving singer/songwriter Kenni Møller as the only continuing band member under the new alias. The split happened primarily due to musical differences, as Mr. Møller wants to focus on a more “softy melodic sound”. Since the split up seems inevitable, one can at least hope that it will lead to a return to the sound of the brilliant 2006 EP Hum Speed On/Off.
+ Burning Oil

German label Tapete Records shares the track Nothing But Clues from the brand new album Take It by Danes The Elephants. Lovely indie pop to cheer you up, if your Monday resembles mine!
+ Nothing But Clues

Finding myself humming along to this nice pop piece by Sweden's Friska Viljor. A tribute to a street (and the people living there) in Hamburg named Wohlwill Strasse. Check out the really lovely horns! On the track of course and not on the street! Whatever that would have meant anyway?
+ Wohlwill Strasse

Next Danish band in line to part ways is Decorate Decorate. Never fun to learn about those breaking ups, but my relationship with the band was somewhat strained, as I had been impatiently waiting (the past three years) for them to just once again reach the level of the grand and ever so promising Surname of Copenhagen.

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