October 26, 2009

Oh sweet bitterness...

Okay then. I did pull my act together. I asked and had not problems at all getting a “going out” permit for Saturday evening. I even managed to get my name (and a friend as well) on the guest list for the Grand Avenue + Sorgenfrei/Villumsen concert, so things were all set for a great evening. However Saturday afternoon a second friend called and asked if could join us, and prescient as he was, he even asked if I was sure that he could get a ticket. Still recalling a concert some years ago, where less than 70 people showed up for a Grand Avenue concert and at the same time feeling certain that the brilliance of Sorgenfrei/Villumsen has yet to reach a larger audience, I confidently replied that of course he could. Today I’m everything but proud of my confidence (which actually is very unlike me, as I normally double-check everything), because the concert turned out to be completely and totally sold out, which obviously left us with quite a dilemma. Three guys, two names on the guest list and a 40 minute drive away from home. With some friendly assistance, we did try to get an extra name added to the guest list, but with no luck, as the venue wasn’t exactly cooperative on this matter. So in the end the only acceptable solution was to drive back home, find a bar and have a few pints instead. Nice of course, but not exactly the way I hoped and expected to spend my Saturday evening. The Sorgenfrei/Villumsen part of the concert went pretty well (at least so I’ve been told), though it did hurt and still does, when I learned that the duo had included a rendition of my favorite Entakt song Kunsten at slippe taget in their set! Bummer...naaah...MEGA bummer!
+ Kunsten at slippe taget

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