October 23, 2009

Thoughts and such...

In a whining mood, as I’m once again contemplating whether or not I should continue blogging. Well I’ve been through this a number of times before and the outcome is pretty much given, as I will of course carry on. But today is just one of those days, where things seem to make no sense. Spend far too much time on this. Both writing posts and constantly searching for new (and interesting) stuff. Still it happens way too often that I never get around to write about or even listen to things I ought to check out (generously sent to me by artists I like and respect – some of it I even asked them to mail me), and therefore end up having a bad conscience. And isn’t blogging supposed to be fun? And not about feeling guilty? I mean! I know I’ll never make a living out of this, so this will forever remain a hobby. A hobby is definitely a good thing. At least so I’ve been told! But what’s the point if it’s puts you under constant pressure or makes you feel that you’re letting someone down? Oh well fuck the whining. I’ll post whenever I have the time and I’ll post whatever I feel like posting and if the music you sent me is never featured, I swear it’s not ill will.

U2 inspired Danes Grand Avenue will be playing at Templet (located in Lyngby just outside Copenhagen) tomorrow night and I’m seriously thinking of going. I’ve seen the band twice before and they are surprisingly much better live than on recordings. However the true reason for my considerations is the supporting act Sorgenfrei/Villumsen; a fairly new constellation consisting of Andreas Sorgenfrei (of Didium & The Black Bonnie Picture) and Jonas Villumsen (of Entakt). Now all I need is the guts to call the chief and ask for a “going out permit”. Read more about the track below here or here.
+ Bygdebarn (En Sang For J)

Experience has taught me not to be too blue-eyed optimistic, when it comes to Matinée Recordings and release days, but November looks as if it could turn out to be rather noteworthy, as the label will (finally) release the Northern Portrait debut as well as the sophomore album by The Electric Pop Group. As everyone should be aware of by now, I’ve eagerly been awaiting both releases for, if not ages then at least, a long, long time! Another intriguing release by the label could be The Matinée Grand Prix compilation, which will include (new?) tracks by 11 absolutely amazing artists!!

Danish shoegazers Dorias Baracca writes that they are on the verge of being signed by glorious label Club AC30. Accordingly this should be followed by the release of the band’s debut EP Handsome Meltingpoint!
+ The Only Touch


mediaChick said...

I've been enjoying the music you find and share for a long, long time. Yours is one of only a handful of blogs that consistently posts tunes that resonate with me. In fact, your blog has been instrumental (pun intended) in introducing me to Danish bands to feature in my experiment The Miracle in July. I know it's no easy feat to write and provide quality content like you do, so whine all you please. You deserve to bitch a bit!

Thanks for providing me a place to find the sounds I need for my project. Blog when you can. We'll all wait patiently.

DJ Talbot said...

Previous poster's comment matches my thoughts. I enjoy your blog and I do discover new music from your efforts. Thanks for having good taste!
I did not know The Electric Pop Group has new material coming out...so you have done me a great service. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you know that I can relate to your "whining" 100%... I also figured out that blogging should be more fun, less pressure. I sometimes have to remind myself that the music should come first, not the words I might (or might not) wrap them in for the blog. So I guess we have to learn to put aside that conscience, and start enjoying music itself again. Here's to at least 50 years of more blogging! :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments too; I'm into my 40's, music is my big love but I've never blogged because I just wouldn't have the time. You do a stirling job (such as the recent ones on the outstanding lastbandalive) but it has to be something you love to do. And I hope you continue to because you are easily one of the more inspired blogs around. Cheers, Paul

Knut said...

I understand what you're talking about, - been there myself with my Eardrums-blog, at least once a month. The bad consciousness is very much present here too. I can't find the time to answer (or even read) all the emails I get, I feel guilty when I have said OK to a band who ask if they can send me their demo, and after two weeks, they email me, and I haven't even had the chance to give it a listen. Horrible, and NOT fun at all. Your shorties-posts have learned me a lot, and they are the direct reason that I started my "from the notebook and the mailbox"-posts. I have also organized my promo-email with filters, and that helps a lot.

I can only say that I enjoy your blog a lot, and understand the situation, but I really want you to continue with your posts. THANK YOU!

stytzer said...

Not very nice of me not replying. Thanks to all of you for your incredible nice comments. They are so much appreciated!