November 13, 2009

A mouthful of shorties...

New download single Mouthful of Wasps by Kashmir is out today and is available (apparently for Danish residents only) for purchase from the official webpage. My initial thoughts; this is a pretty decent, surprisingly upbeat and almost indie pop inspired first single. So Kasper’s voice aside, this is hardly your typical Kashmir song. Not necessarily a bad thing. Not necessarily a good thing either! Hopefully we'll be much wiser February 1, when the new album is released. UPDATE: Stream the track (thank you! Jonas).

The Shelflife blog has posted a second of the three new Champagne Riot tracks for download.

Remember this post? Feeling so guilty for not having written anything proper about the A Purpose To My Sins album by Danish Daycare. If I never get around to posting anything take my word for it. The album is brilliant!
+ A Purpose To My Sins

I'm really terrible at checking emails. Just found a two week old one informing that Casiokids were playing in Denmark Monday evening. Check this blog and be updated...guess not! Here's the band's cover of Det Snurrar I Min Skalle.
+ Det Snurrar I Min Skalle (Familjen cover)

Almost forgot to mention...The Banana Hold-Up...tomorrow night at 10pm...Jolene Bar...Copenhagen...See you there!


Virginie said...

do you know where or how could we listen to the new Kashmir's single for us, no-Danish resident ??

so frustrate here!

stytzer said...

Honestly - I have no idea :(

Virginie said...

ah too bad :(

but thanks for took the time to answer ! interesting blog btw

Jonas said...

You can listen to it here, I believe:

Johanna said...

hello! does anybody know where i can have the lyrics from this song?
i'm huge "fan" of kashmir here in Argentina and it's VERY difficult to find such a thing
i loved the song, it's indie yes i agree...
quite "normal"