November 9, 2009


I’m unbelievable tired today. Had a night (which was more like an evening) out with the boys Saturday, and even though I wasn’t terribly drunk, went to bed before 2 am, slept rather well, had a fairly quiet Sunday and another good nights sleep, I’m still absolutely worn out today. But as I’ve said times and times before; “I’m definitely not 35 anymore”. There’s a photo on Facebook taken some time during our small get-together, though I’m not sure if anyone’s actually allowed to see it? If so, I’m the dude on the right, who (more than ever) needs a haircut!

Superb Danish quartet Ginger Ninja are releasing a second single from their forthcoming debut album today. The single is called Bone Will Break Metal and is a surprisingly synth dominated track; still bloody excellent though!

Speaking of Danish excellence. 5 “new” tracks by moi Caprice are now streaming at Myspace. “New” as three of the tracks are alternative versions of previously recorded songs, and as always I’m not quite sure if that’s such a splendid idea. I certainly need to listen to those a few more times, and yet I doubt that they’ll ever be rated higher than the original versions. But the two brand new tracks The Sorrow of War and Tell That Girl (especially the later) are absolutely brilliant and proves that the band still knows how to write those catching pop tunes that to some extent were missing on the previous album We Had Faces Then. The 5 tracks are included on the singles compilation All We Feat Is Love (including a bonus disc called The Past Is a Foreign Country), which will be out two weeks from now on November 23.

Thought that Sweden's Kamera had split up (and they probably have), but nonetheless I've just found their recent single Friday Night in the mailbox...
+ Friday Night

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