December 7, 2009


Back from London and here's a real quick summary. London was lovely (as always), but crowded beyond belief. The weather was surprisingly fine. It did rain of course, but mostly during night time, and we did in fact see the sun a few times during our 48 hours visit. The 2 days were pretty much spent like this; Flight, Lunch & Pints, Musical, Late Dinner, Sleep, Art, Lunch, Shopping, Dinner, Pints, Sleep, Sightseeing, Lunch, Return flight. Had burgers 3 times and I swear that I'm not going to eat another for the rest of the year. Funny coincidence of the trip was that the always friendly Ivan (of ONBC and The Boombox Hearts) was sitting in the row behind me on the plane to London on his way to All Tomorrow's Parties.
+ Oliver North Boy Choir - Baby Cool (Good Luck Casper remix)
+ The Boombox Hearts - Extras, when you're ready, please