December 3, 2009

London calling...

@ DMCA/BLOGGER etc. - before removing the post or changing the status. PLEASE let me know exactly what I'm violating!!!!!!!!!!!!! All songs have been found in promo mails, but just to make you guys happy, I've removed all download links!!!!!!

Off to London tomorrow for what will be my eight visit to one of my favorite cities (in a span of 17 years!). Off to 48 hours of shopping (likely) and pub crawling (not very likely).

The spreading of the word on the forthcoming album by Shout Out Louds has begun, and so far I’ve received no less than 3 promo mails informing the world that Work will be out February 23 (or 24 - information varies) next year. Should you happen to be the only living soul in the universe, who has yet to listen to the first track off the album; well, look no further!
+ Walls

I've ordered 6 copies of the forthcoming album by Northern Portrait! You?

Another track spreading real fast is this new one by Danes The Kissaway Trail. SDP (as it's called) is grand, epic, beautiful, you name it and the perfect appetizer for the album Sleep Mountain, which will be out in April next year (though this article says March 1 in Denmark - lucky us if this happens to be true!).

Should I ever decide to make a “best of songs posted” list, Fee Da Da Dee by The Guggenheim Grotto will definitely be included. Remember falling completely in love with the song in late 2008, but somehow I forgot all about it and it probably would have stayed that way, hadn’t I found it in my search for Christmas tunes posted in the blog last year. It does feel quite odd writing this, because you don’t hear pop songs this infectious very often.
+ Fee Da Da Dee


Shmu said...

Hi Stytzer,

You have a great blog! Judging by the kinds of music you post, I thought that you might appreciate my solo project called Shmu. The music can best be described as a blend of shoegaze/dream-pop & psychedelic with tinges of glitch, minimalism and folk rock. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada but I now reside in Austin, TX performing, writing and recording.
You can sample a couple of tunes at or at
If you decide to post the record, please let me know ( ) and I'll send you the link to the full album as well as adding 3.2 years to your life. (I'll try to at least.)

Hope you like the tunes!
Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ya! Just got to agree with you about the Guggenheim Grotto Fee Da Da Dee. A year on from first hearing it it is still sounding like a perfect pop song to me and they have been pretty rare this year. I think it was a bit of an experiment for them that song (the rest of the album is really good in a different kind of way)... what would I give for an album full of songs like Fee Da Da Dee though! I'm so glad a few other people love it as much as I do! Cheers, Paul

Mikey Shanley said...

Oh how I love London! I once traveled 8 hours across the UK on a train (after an 8 hour flight from Chicago) to make it to an epic weekender rave party called Hardcore Heaven. I ended up eating in a cab driver's cafeteria in their dispatch yard, under a bridge...wild times!
You like the Detroit Red Wings? I've been to Detroit the past 2 years for the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I even saw the Penguins win the Stanley Cup there. Awesome seeing it in person.

Please check out my recently released Gaga Night EP, free to the public @ I would love to get some more blogging exposure on it. Keep in touch!

- Mikey (