February 5, 2010

From the mailbox (revisited)...

Oh no you say; yet another of those dreaded posts! Well, I’m afraid so. I know they are sorry excuses for posts and are no good for one's blogger renommee (if one has any, of course). But I can think of (at least) three waterproof explanations for, why I shouldn’t feel ashamed of reusing the same formula as used Wednesday. First of all; nothing of any interest is happening these days. If something is in fact happening, I have failed to notice. But then again. Ask my wife and she’ll be more than happy to explain how capable I am of being physically present, but spiritually absent. Second; it’s quite stressful having a four digit number of mails in the inbox, and posts like these are often the direct result of 50 or more mails having been read, deleted or “taken action upon”. Finally today’s and Wednesday’s posts have introduced me to 20 unfamiliar, but rather interesting, artists, thus extending the palette of bands to follow in the future. But no more ramblings for now! Instead go ahead and enjoy today’s catch!
+ Her Magic Wand - Mistakes
+ Bear PilotTears
+ Music Go MusicWarm in the Shadows
+ The Fresh & OnlysInvisible Forces
+ The SplintersMysterious
+ Smile SmileBeg You To Stay
+ Boy GeniusBlame Love
+ MillionYoungCynthia (Letting Up Despite Great Faults Remix)
+ The Asteroids Galaxy TourThe Sun Ain't Shining No More (33HzRemix)
+ Air Conditioning SchoolWake Me Up

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