February 3, 2010

From the mailbox...

Not going to waste much time on typing words today. Instead it's my intention to share the best stuff found in the mailbox (and some of it is indeed really great), so be prepared for music galore! However I cannot help adding that (as always) I'm amazed by the number of truly horrible songs and acts being promoted, making it quite a rollercoaster ride checking mails. Luckily (though quite unusual) today’s ride has had significantly more highs than lows.

+ The Soft Province - One Was A Lie
+ Phantogram - When I'm Small
+ The Secret History - Johnny Anorak
+ Gobotron - Never Turn Around
+ The Heligoats - Fish Sticks & Heat Vents
+ Satellite Crush - Paris to London
+ Prizzy Prizzy Please - Large Hadron Collider
+ Fredrik - Locked in the Basement
+ Hands - Hold
+ FM Belfast - Par Avion

That'll be all for today, but there are still 1,631 mails left in the inbox...

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