February 13, 2010

A house full of girls...

I assure you that the above title sounds a lot more interesting than is actually the case. My wife has invited five friends over for an all-girl dinner, and I’m looking after the kiddos. Or sort of looking after, as they are busy watching some Barbie flick. So as long as I’m keeping a low profile and minding my own business everyone should be happy. And since I have my laptop and an (so-so working) internet connection, this is exactly what I intend to do! Though at some point, I’m probably going to risk an eye and try to get my hands on a glass of red wine.

But now I’m going to check out some mails, news, blogs etc. and perhaps add something to this post should anything of interest pop up.

Stick around! Who knows what will happen??

Come April Slowshark Records will release Moto Boy’s sophomore album Lost In The Call in Denmark. The label has mailed me the first single of the album called The Heart Is A Rebel and that’s one pure, sweet and catchy pop song!
+ The Heart Is A Rebel

The promo mails have started to arrive, so I'm slowly beginning to believe that Clinging to a Scheme will indeed be released in April. We've been waiting for so long, so can this really be true?
+ Heaven's On Fire

Hungarians EZ Basic are giving away their new (and absolutely smashing) song May in exchange for your email address. So much worth it and right now I simply cannot stop listening! What the f*ck? Taking the chance and risking the second eye by posting the song. The word on this song needs to be spread (and fast) and hopefully the band will approve this move!
+ May

And while you're busy exchanging your mails address, why not swap it for the new and absolutely lovely (and wonderfully titled) single Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen by The Pipettes?

Things are bloody close to surreal tonight. Just found this track by PaperDoll in a promo mail and for the I don't know how manieth time tonight I'm completely blown away. If this is a dream don't wake me up. Unless it's the red wine that's doing the trick?
+ Anything At All

It's almost midnight, so time to find the bed! A lovely Sunday to everyone!

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