February 12, 2010


Now here’s a band that I’ve never really been able to figure out. When I first heard about Ruined by Martin in December 2005 the duo (as it was back then) played catchy electronic influenced pop music, and having just been picked as Demo band of the month by Gaffa the future looked incredibly bright. That was exactly 4 years and two months ago (or 50 months if you like) and since then the band has seen a number of line-up changes and managed to be absent for lengthy periods of times; and then each time, just as I began fearing the we’d never hear from the band again, they returned with songs sounding better than anything previously recorded. And each time, the band had moved one step further towards a darker, more electronic, less catchy and perhaps even depressing sound, thus showing them constantly developing their musical approach and not being afraid of walking new paths. Logically every return gave hopes that now was the time that their career would kick-off, but sadly history kept repeating itself. Whether or not this will once again be the case, only time can tell, but two days ago the band was heard from again for the first time since September last year. And this time the band is not only retuning with a batch of fine new songs (the march towards a darker universe continues), but more importantly with a new band name - tung_nem. A decision taken by the band as a consequence of the musical transformation the band has gone through and the musical relationship with Ruined by Martin becoming more and more distant. So in the future there’ll be no more news or music to post from RbM, but hopefully plenty of stuff from tung_nem? Unless of course the band decides to pull another disappearing act! Let’s hope not!
+ Leap of Faith
+ New Perfection
+ Self Assured
+ You Might Make It


Oats said...

I like Ruined by Martin better. I also liked Kni9hts better. At least the music is still good.

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i also heard about it in 2008
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