February 9, 2010


Exactly 5 years ago today I registered at Last.fm and as per today my total number of plays has reached 82,429. Or what equals an average of 45 tracks per day. If you ask me that’s quite a decent average, as this doesn’t include music heard while on holiday, in the car (!) and on the stereo at home. I admit that I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to statistics, as I quite enjoy dissecting the lists to get an idea of how my music taste and listening behavior have evolved over time. And of course it’s nice to get verified that bands I claim are my favorite ones are in fact the ones I listen to the most. Though I do have to add that it can be somewhat frustrating seeing an artist (Coldplay) I grew tired of a long time ago still holding a position in the top 20. But overall things look pretty much as I expected them to and according to Last.fm these were my top 5 favorite (or at least most listened to) artists and songs for the past 5 years:

1. Kent (1,988 plays)
2. Northern Portrait (1,234 plays)
3. ENTAKT (1,027 plays)
4. moi Caprice (1,014 plays)
5. Mew (916 plays)

1. Northern PortraitCrazy (262 plays)
2. Interpol - Take You On A Cruise (168 plays)
3. moi CapriceDrama Queen (153 plays)
4. Kind of girlPoetry boy (149 plays)
5. The fridaynight clubAeroplanes (141 plays)

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Jonas said...

Kønt ser det jo ud! :-)